So…who IS Luke Skywalker?

My husband is in a state of shock – I did not know I could have this effect on him. It all started a couple of days ago, when I noticed an image on his computer screen.

A picture of this guy Luke. I saw it and immediately asked my husband if it was Luke Skywalker and he said it was. It’s funny, ‘cos I just knew the name Luke Skywalker, but could not remember who he actually was. So, I thought for a moment and then it hit me. I said  ‘It’s the Phantom isn’t it?’

My husband just looked at me blankly, so I elaborated ‘You know, the guy from the comic strip – the ghost who walks?’

His blank look turned to shock and he just stared at me and I realised I’d got it wrong. After a moment of thought, it struck me that maybe Luke Skywalker is a character from ‘Star Wars’ and that he was the guy who turned into Darth Vader. I asked him if I’d got it right.

Shock turned into stunned disbelief!!

He’s had a couple of days to think and now realises he’s been married for over 15 years to a woman who does not know who Luke Skywalker is!!

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper.

7 thoughts on “So…who IS Luke Skywalker?

  1. LOL. But seriously, if it helps, I don’t know much either. I’ve never been attracted to the famous saga. I saw two of the newest movies at the cinema and the only thing I remember is how bored I was.

    I guess it’s something you really appreciate when you watch it really young. So, there… 😉


  2. I was introduced to Luke Skywalker through my 4-year-old grandson, who had never seen Star Wars (neither had I), but I had to read him 6 books about Luke. Thank goodness, that passion has been replaced by LEGO, besides he now reads for himself
    Muriel Kauffmann.


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