How to organise your cupboard quickly

My cupboard used to  look nice and tidy. Clothes neatly folded and ironed. I used to love ironing, and cleaning my cupboard relaxed me. Until I started running my own home.

Then it became one of the long list of household chores I had to do to keep things running smoothly. I chose to run my home without a maid, but it meant it took a lot more time. So I started to read up on organising the home in a desperate effort to get things done quicker.

Now,  putting away the washing takes 5 minutes and I can find things easily.

There are days that I just leave all the washed clothes on the bed until they get magically put away – something I never did in the early years when I thought I needed to do everything perfectly.

I’m happier for it and so is my family.

Bin it, rather than fold it

37 Clothes bin

  • Plastic bins are great for segregating different types of clothing, as well as clothes that need ironing.
  • It takes very little time to sort the washing and throw it in the correct bin.
  • Wash and wear stuff goes onto hangers.
  • It’s easy to pull out over-full bins, sort & shove them back.

The 3 Basket set is nice as there’s a size to suit different categories of clothing.

It looks a little messy but it works really great! I use the time I save to sit down with cup of chai.


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